Spotdox is the ultimate Dropbox companion application.

By pairing Spotdox with Dropbox you will be able to view any file on any computer that is also logged into your Dropbox account.

How does it work?

Spotdox works as an add-on to Dropbox allowing you to access any file on your computer (or any drives attached to it) from any location or device. Never get stuck without that important file again. Simply install Dropbox, then add Spotdox and you will never have to worry again.

I have Dropbox, why do I need Spotdox?

Dropbox only gives you access to your files within your Dropbox folder. Spotdox allows you to browse, copy, and send, ANY file or folder on your computer to anyone from anywhere.

Dropbox full?

Now you can move stuff off Dropbox and onto your Mac or PC from any phone or web browser. For instance; upload photos while on the road to Dropbox and transfer them to your Mac, freeing up space.

Spotdox gives you access to all the files on any Mac or PC you install it on, from any device.

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