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3 easy ways to pay,
choose what works for you:


Beautiful file previews

Spotdox renders all your files the way they are meant to be seen. Now you can visually browse your files from anywhere, view images, photoshop documents, office documents… you name it.

Full iOS and Android app access included

Every subscription to Spotdox includes access via our iOS and Android applications.


Unlimited Mac/PC's

Connect as many computers as you like. As long as they have Spotdox running and are logged into Dropbox you will see them in your list of connected computers via the web service or on you iOS and Android applications.

Get and share files

Once you find the file or folder you are looking for Spotdox allows you to grab it for yourself or share it with someone via text or email.

Email and IM a file/folder link

Send someone a link to your file or folder without leaving the application. No need to sync the file first.

Send large files remotely without using roaming data

Because we are using the internet connection of the computer you are accessing to upload the files, you have the unique ability to use your smartphone to send someone a large file without the data ever going through your phone. Essentially using your smartphone as a remote control for your desktop computer.

Add and remove files from Dropbox remotely

Spotdox not only remotely copies files to your Dropbox folder, now it can remove them too! This gives you the ability to free up space while on the road.

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