Security and Privacy

Spotdox takes security and privacy seriously.


Spotdox has a small database that contains the minimum amount of information required to run our service. Spotdox keeps track of information so that we can determine payment status. No personal information other than the bare minimum is stored on our system. You can stop using our system at any time by revoking Spotdox from the list of approved applications in your Dropbox account.

We do not share any personal information collected with anyone. We do have an optional mailing list to enhance communication with our customers, but use of this is optional (on an opt-out basis if you choose to provide us with your email address). We do not require an email address to use our services.


Spotdox is billed by the month, by the year, or once for a lifetime account (lifetime accounts available for a limited time). Satisfaction guaranteed.


Spotdox connects a web browser to your computers. To do that we need to transfer information between the two places. This information consists of thumbnail images, preview images and directory and file information. All of this information exists on our server for as short a period of time, (usually 10 minutes or less), and access to it is strictly controlled internally and externally: No employees are given access to this temporary information. In addition security audits are done on our code base. Spotdox does not upload or store your actual files. All file transfers are done by Dropbox by commands that you issue. We have no database or file information stored anywhere on disk.

The Spotdox web service runs using industry standard ssl (https) connections between your computers and our servers and between our servers and your browser. In addition, industry standard practices are used to enhance the security and identity of the connection.

In order to access your computer, you need to authorize with Dropbox, which means logging into Dropbox with your password and username. Dropbox handles this security, and due to the nature of the oauth system, we never have access to your Dropbox password. In addition, Dropbox provides two factor authentication, which means that in order to login to Spotdox, you need to know your password and also have your cell phone handy to enter a second security code.  Dropbox also has excellent security controls, allowing you to see who has used Spotdox and from where. You can also remotely end a Spotdox session by logging into Dropbox and heading to their security area.

In addition to this level of security, Spotdox allows you to set a password on each computer. This offers an additional level of security, plus it can be used to control access to different computers that are using the same Dropbox account. Use the OS X app – then click on Preferences to set a per-computer password.

On the iOS client app, security is further enhanced. Data between your iPhone/iOS device is all encrypted using the OS X password you supply. This password is not known to our web server, and thus all data is encrypted all the time with the iOS client. Keep in mind that we do not hold onto any data transferred between your Mac and your iPhone/Web session for more than a few minutes.

The coding and operations for Spotdox all take place in Canada, no work on core technology is done outside of Palmer/Andersen (the company).

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