With some of your files in Dropbox and some on different computers, are you losing track of where your files are saved?

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Spotdox shows all your files in one place.

If you are like most Dropbox users you likely have some files in Dropbox, some on your computer at work, and some on your computer at home.

It is impractical, and sometimes undesirable, to keep all your files in the cloud. And given the disparity between the cost of local storage vs online storage why would you even try? Well the short answer is convenience, but convenience has it’s own cost. And I’m not talking about the monthly fee of paying for enough online storage, but the fact that you have to make sure the file is in the cloud in the first place.

Spotdox turns your whole computer into a cloud accessible device. Meaning you no longer need to copy your files to Dropbox before leaving the house or office, you can use Spotdox to do that for you from anywhere. Not only that, but you can browse your files on any machine, and your Dropbox account, all from one place.

Take a our demo for a test ride.

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