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Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to bring you a new beta build for Spotdox.

We learnt a lot of things since the first release – and as a result the latest version is much better!

Change log:

  • Changed the installer to something more familiar to Windows users.
  • Spotdox now installs to program files.
  • Spotdox now has an uninstaller
  • Added additional (optional) computer password.
  • Added preference option to turn on/off Spotdox launch on startup.
  • Many other bug fixes.

You’ll notice many stability improvements with this release and an experience much similar to our OSX app. We have made significant changes to the app and its packaging to allow us to deliver it in a more user friendly and familiar installer.

Just like with our OSX app we have now enabled an (optional) additional per-computer password, this complements our standard security procedures which include Spotdox’s support for Dropbox two-factor authentication, secure ssl encrypted sessions via the web app and complete encryption when using the iOS app. Spotdox has a database that contains the minimum amount of information required to run our service. For instance, our database does not store passwords in any form – even hashed. We also do not store any access tokens in our database. We use industry standard protection mechanisms to protect our database.

This Windows beta release brings us a step closer to our shipping product, if you would like to make Spotdox better please submit any problems you encounter to us via the support page

You can download the latest beta from here We currently haven’t implemented an auto-updater – if you fill in your email you will be notified when an update is available (we won’t send you information about anything else, unless specifically relevant).

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