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  • [icon size=”20″]E[/icon] See real icons and quicklook previews of all your documents, no matter how large in seconds.
  • [icon size=”20″]K[/icon] Access all the files on your Mac from any browser or operating system.
  • [icon size=”20″]K[/icon] Free up space on your Dropbox – easily transfer files to your computer, preserving files.
  • [icon size=”20″]q[/icon] No special router settings needed, so will work from hotel rooms, behind firewalls, etc.
  • [icon size=”20″]%[/icon] OS X application is small and unobtrusive.
  • [icon size=”20″]q[/icon] No passwords to remember. If you can login to your Dropbox you can log into Spotdox and see all your files.
  • [icon size=”20″]%[/icon] Works with multiple computers. See all hard drives on all computers that are running Spotdox with your Dropbox account.
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