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Spotdox Mashes Up Spotlight And Dropbox for Remote Access To Any File On Your Mac

Spotdox is combo Mac app and iOS-accessible web-service which lets you access any file on your computer via Dropbox. That is, you can even get remote access to files which are in, say, your movies folder as long as your Mac is running. How? Magic.

Not really. It uses good old-fashioned remote logins. Connect Spotdox to your Dropbox account and leave it running on your Mac (you’ll also have to leave your Mac running 24/7, but if you live the the U.S it’s likely that you do that anyway). Then, when you discover you need a file that isn’t in your Dropbox, browse to your Spotdox account in Mobile Safari and find it. Spotdox uses Spotlight on your Mac to find the file, and then moves it into your Dropbox. From there. You can grab it from any Dropbox app on your iDevice.

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