Access all your files, anywhere.

Spotdox is an add on for Dropbox that gives you access to all your files, not just the ones you put in dropbox.

Get all the PRO features free for 10 days. Windows version coming soon!
Available on the App Store!Pair Spotdox with our iOS app, and enjoy streamlined
access from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Spotdox lets you access any file on your computer via Dropbox. That is, you can even get remote access to files which are in, say, your movies folder as long as your Mac is running. How? Magic.

    Charlie SorrelCult of Mac
  • it's a dead simple way to make your computer easy to access from anywhere without really setting anything up

    Thorin KlosowskiLifehacker
  • I’ve found Spotdox so useful. Also a combination of a Web service and a Mac app, Spotdox lets you remotely browse the files on your Mac and copy any of them—again, from afar.

    Dan FrakesMacworld

What is Spotdox?

Spotdox is OS X application that gives you access to any Mac you install it on, from any device.

How does it work?

Spotdox works as an add-on to Dropbox allowing you to access any file on your computer (or any drives attached to it) from any location or device. Never get stuck without that important file again. Simply install Dropbox, then add Spotdox and you will never have to worry again.


Access all your files, anywhere.

I have Dropbox, why do I need Spotdox?

Dropbox only gives you access to your files within your Dropbox folder. Spotdox allows you to browse, copy, and send, ANY file or folder on your computer to anyone from anywhere.

Dropbox full?

Now you can move stuff off Dropbox and onto your Mac from any phone or web browser. For instance upload photos while on the road to Dropbox and transfer them to your Mac, freeing up space.

Try it for Free. No Sign up required.

  • View File Previews
  • iOS app access
  • Unlimited computers
  • Get and Share Files
  • Email and IM a file/folder link
  • Copy files  to Dropbox
  • Remove files from Dropbox
  • Spotdox Lite
  • PRO Monthly
  • PRO Lifetime
    $79one time
All amounts shown are in US dollars.
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Getting Up and Running is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

On your Mac

Set to “open at login”.
Set a password if necessary.

From a Browser

From a different computer simply login to Spotdox  and allow Dropbox access.

Have an iPhone or iPad?

Get the iOS App

Available on the App Store!


We Take Security and Privacy Seriously.


To access your Mac you must be logged into Dropbox on both the device you are browsing from, and the Mac you are accessing. On top of this you have the ability to add a unique password to each and every Mac. For even more security Spotdox also supports Dropbox two-factor authentication.

On the iOS client app, security is further enhanced. Data between your iPhone/iOS device and your Mac is all encrypted using the OS X password you supply. We have no knowledge of or access to this password.


Spotdox has a database that contains the minimum amount of information required to run our service. For instance, our database does not store passwords in any form – even hashed. We also do not store any access tokens in our database. We use industry standard protection mechanisms to protect our database.


Access all your files, anywhere.

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